9 Tips For Servicing Your Plumbing In The Spring

Spring is not only a signal that it is time to clean out your home, but it is also a great time to do some maintenance work on your plumbing. The winter months can be hard on plumbing and it is in need of some TLC. Here are nine things you should do when spring arrives. 

  1. Check for leaks. During the winter, your pipes are consistently exposed to cold weather. Cold air can cause the water in your pipes to expand and burst. Check out all your plumbing pipes for signs of a leak that has gone unnoticed.
  2. Change your water heater setting. Warmer weather means a decreased need for hot water. By changing your water heating setting to a lower temperature, you not only help to conserve water, but you can lower your energy costs. 
  3. Flush the water heater. There is a good chance that your water heater has some sediment in its tank. The sediments can impact your heater's ability to warm water which leads it to use more energy to achieve the desired temperature. 
  4. Flush infrequently used drains. Pour water down the drains to help prevent odors. If you have any drains that are draining slowly, have a plumber snake the lines and flush them. 
  5. Install flood alarms. Installing the alarms now helps to ensure when the hurricane season arrives later in the year, you are ready. The alarms will sound when they are touched by water. 
  6. Check outside faucets. Ensure the water is flowing freely from the faucets. If a faucet drips instead of flows, there is a good possibility that you have a leak somewhere. 
  7. Test your sump pump. Pour a few buckets of water into the pit of the pump and wait for it to turn on. If it does, your pump is operating fine. If not, call in your plumber for maintenance.
  8. Check your toilets. If the toilets are flushing slowly or do not stop running, have worn out parts replaced. This can help lower your water bills.
  9. Schedule maintenance of your AC and heating. Spring is a great time to have your unit serviced since it is used far less than in the winter and summer.

By taking care of your plumbing needs in the spring, you can ensure that your plumbing and heating and cooling units are ready for the rest of the year. It also helps to keep your energy and water costs low. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Bode's Electric & Plumbing Inc. or a similar company.

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