Three Siding Materials That Are Resistant To Rot And Will Last For Decades

If you have a home that has fiberboard siding on it, you may be looking for alternatives to your exterior finish. Fiberboard is a lot like cardboard because of it being a dense paper product. With consistent painting, the old fiberboard siding can last for many years, but you are guaranteed to have problems somewhere around your home that need repair. This is why many homeowners want to have their siding replaced with a more durable product such as James Hardie siding or vinyl. If you want siding that is durable, and will last, here are three great siding products you have to choose from:

1. Cement Fiberboard Siding

There are still fiberboard siding products available today, but now these are cement products. One good example is Hardie Plank siding, which is a cement product made of lightweight concrete and glass fibers. It is very durable, will never rot, and only needs an occasional coat of paint to keep it looking like the very first day it was installed. James Hardie siding is also available in other styles, such as shake or board and batten siding if you want to give your home a different look.

2. Foam Backed Vinyl Siding Products

Another durable siding product that is installed on homes is vinyl. It is very affordable, which is why many people choose to use vinyl. The disadvantage of vinyl siding is that it is a very thin plastic-like material, which does not provide you with any energy efficiency and can easily be cracked or cut into with a knife. This is why if you want to have vinyl siding install on your home, it is best to look for one of the newer products that have foam backing. They are stronger, and they will provide your home with more insulation.

3. Brick And Stucco Veneers For Homes With Siding

Newer veneer siding products can look like all sorts of materials such as brick or masonry work. They can easily be installed with any other siding products, and most have simple clip-in-place fastening system. If you want to replace some of the siding on your home with a material that looks different, exterior veneers are a great option to change the look of the exterior of your home. They are great for areas like entrances and garages, and will give these parts of your home a distinct look.

These are some of the most durable siding products on the market today, and will require very little maintenance or repairs. If you want one of these materials installed on your home, contact a local siding installation company, like Vantage Point Exteriors LLC, and ask about installing one of these sidings for your home.

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