How To Give Your House A Facelift

Whether you've lived in your home for 20 years or recently purchased a fixer-upper, sooner or later, your house is bound to need some cosmetic attention.  With just a few changes, your home can look refreshed, as if it had a facelift.

Replace the Trim

Chipped or peeling paint, along with rotted wood, can easily age your home.  It can also damage your home, so you'll want to replace the trim as soon as possible.  First, you'll need to measure the trim that needs to be replaced.  When you note the dimensions, you should add a few extra inches, just in case you make a cutting error.  Next, remove the old trim with a pry bar.  After that, you'll need a miter saw to cut the new trim.  A miter saw allows you to make angled cuts so you can fit the trim together seamlessly.  This will ensure that water will not seep into the joint and damage the trim again.  Now, you're ready to attach your new trim using a hammer and some nails.  Finally, prime and paint your trim.  To prevent brush stroke marks, make sure to choose enamel or varnish brushes.

Change your Garage Door

Your garage door probably makes up at least 40% of your home's exterior.  For this reason, a new door can really change the appearance of your house.  The carriage variety often has handles and other accents that add charm and style to the front of your home.  Decorative windows or trim are other ways to give your home a youthful look.  For a secure and energy efficient choice, choose a steel garage door with sandwich construction.  In other words, the doors utilize polyurethane insulation between steel shells.  You can check out your options at sites like

Pressure Wash your Concrete

Unsightly stains can make your home's driveway and walkways look worn and tired.  Pressure washing can remove blemishes and refresh the surface.  Before starting, you should cover exterior walls with plastic sheeting and put on gloves.  Next, use a spray degreaser on your driveway and scrub it with a stiff brush.  Now, you're ready to clean.

Read the instruction manual to your pressure washer and make sure to attach the hoses properly.  Beginning at the top of your driveway's slope, work your way down and use a back and forth motion to apply the detergent.  After allowing the detergent to sit for about 15 minutes, you should thoroughly rinse it with the high-pressure nozzle.  The final touch: use a sealant to prevent future stains.  

Now, invite some friends over and show them your home's new, younger look.

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