Air Conditioner Repair Versus Replacement

When your air conditioner isn't running like it should, you may feel frustrated, and want to just buy a new unit. Learn if repair or replacement is your better option, based on what's wrong with your AC unit.

Freezing up

Your air conditioner can literally freeze up in the dead heat of summer, covered in icicles and all. This happens when your unit has poor ventilation, refrigeration issues, or when the temperatures outside are too cool already. Try moving your air conditioner to an open window where it can fit snugly and allow air flow, and if this doesn't fix your issue, you may have a refrigeration system problem. This is actually a simple repair in which a technician from a company like King Plumbing and Heating can check your unit for refrigerant leaks, and make repairs as needed. There is no need to buy a new unit just because you have a small freeze out that can be easily fixed.

Burning up

Excessive use of your air conditioning unit can cause the fan to burn up and blow out smoke instead of cool air. A large cause of an air conditioning unit burning up is often poor ventilation. If you've been placing your air conditioner against a wall or allow clothing or curtains to touch the unit, heat from use can build up inside the coils and cause your motor to burn out. In this case, your best option is to replace your unit, since a burnt out fan can be difficult or costly to repair. Never leave your air conditioner in an area where it cannot vent to help prevent burning one out in the future.

Strange noises

Your air conditioner may sound more like a musical instrument than it does a tool. It can make all kinds of strange sounds, from banging to humming to whining. Banging can be caused by a bolt or screw coming loose, humming can be caused by dirt or debris in the unit, and whining is a large indicator of a loose belt. In the event of a noisy machine, repair is typically your best option, especially if your unit still works otherwise. An air conditioning service technician can diagnose what is causing the strange sound and make repairs so your unit can be sound again.

In most cases, you are better off repairing your air conditioning unit rather than replacing it. Depending on what is wrong with your AC, you can get it fixed quickly and efficiently, and avoid having to purchase another unit for your needs.

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