3 Tips To Prevent Plumbing Leak Property Damage While Waiting For Your Plumber

As you probably already know, there are some plumbing leaks that can't be ignored. If your water heater or dishwasher is causing water to gush all over your home, for example, you probably understand the importance of hiring an emergency plumber. Unfortunately, it can take a little while for the plumber to arrive, and you could be worried about your flooring, your cabinetry or other parts of your home being damaged in the meantime. Luckily, following these three tips will help you prevent plumbing leak property damage while waiting for your plumber.

1. Shut Off the Water Supply

First of all, you should shut off the water supply to help prevent any more water from gushing out into your home. In many cases, the water shut-off valve looks like a small lever, and it's generally located between the water line and the appliance. Simply turn the shut-off valve to the right, and you shouldn't have to worry about any more water coming out of the appliance. If the appliance does not have a shut-off valve, you can turn the water off to your entire home temporarily. This valve can generally be found outside, near your water meter box.

2. Soak it Up

Don't leave the water in place while waiting for your plumber. Even if it only takes an hour or so for your plumber to come, this added water can help contribute to rotting, water spots and other damage. Use buckets, towels, newspapers, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner and any other means possible to get rid of as much water as you can. By getting rid of all of the water now, you can help prevent mold from growing, and you can also help prevent your property from becoming damaged.

3. Plug it Up

Also, do what you can to plug up the leak until your plumber can provide a better fix. You can use a pipe fitting or a few strips of plumbing tape to help close up any leaky pipes, or you can plug up leaky pipe ends or other parts of an appliance with a towel. This won't be a good long-term fix, but it will help prevent any more water from leaking onto the floor or elsewhere in your home.

As you can see, you don't have to allow your property to become damaged while you're waiting for a plumber. Instead, if you remember these three tips while waiting for your emergency plumber to come, you can help prevent serious and expensive damage. (for more information, contact Biard & Crockett Plumbing)

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