Reasons To Update Your Commercial Doors

Have you recently bought a business property and are trying to decide what renovations need to be done? Are you creating a priority list of projects that your facility needs? Here are some reasons why updating your commercial doors should be at the top of your remodeling plans: 

Compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA): If your building is an older structure, its doors may not be suitable for people with mobility issues or other physical challenges. However, it can be laborious to attempt to understand the regulations necessary to bring your facility into compliance. For example, ADA requirements do not allow some types of round doorknobs on accessible doors because they can be difficult to maneuver. A consultation with an expert knowledgeable about ADA requirements can help you update your commercial doors so that your business will be able to accommodate anyone that wants access to your premises. 

Fire doors: Because of their relative thinness, most standard doors will burn faster than the walls they're attached to. In addition to the vulnerability they create during a fire, you may want to have fire doors installed so you can comply with local regulations. Many municipalities have passed laws requiring businesses to have fire safe doors in order to provide passive safety protection for the occupants. In addition to having insulated cores that delay burning, fire doors are constructed to resist damage caused by high temperatures. Fire doors that are programmed to close in the event of an alarm or sprinkler deployment and can add an additional layer of safety because they work automatically in a crisis situation.  

Sound control: If the former inhabitants of the building had a nail salon, they probably didn't have any issue with noise and had no need for controlling sound. However, if you're running a daycare center for pets, you might want to muffle the barks of excited puppies in the play area so they don't disrupt the sleeping cats in the napping section. If meal time turns into an excited ruckus, make sure that the noise level isn't so loud that you can't hear the phone ring. Controlling the sounds in your facility will help you to focus on your business and not be distracted by assorted noises. In addition to installing the proper commercial doors, a professional can also make sure that the door frames have the proper barricades or gaskets so that the sound level in your facility is greatly reduced. 

Eye appeal: Your potential clients may judge you by how your entrance looks. If your front commercial door is faded, damaged, or cracked, it could wrongfully convey that the business within is sloppy and worn out. A new door will impress your visitors and add overall appeal to the front facade of your building. 

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