3 Tips To Help You Determine Whether Your Plumbing Issue Is An Emergency Or Not

It's 2 am, and after getting up for a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip you've come across a plumbing emergency. Or is it? It can be difficult to understand what's truly an emergency and what can wait until morning, so here are three tips to help clear up the confusion.

Tip #1: There is a Non-Stop Flow of Water

You turn off the bathroom faucet and the water just keeps coming. And coming. Not only can this cause a big mess, but it can also cause your water bill to skyrocket if not promptly handled.

A non-stop flow of water can be caused by a number of issues, but the only thing you need to know is whether you can shut it off and wait to handle the issue until morning. If you know where your home's main water valve is, you may be able to keep the issue at bay until morning. If, however, the flow cannot be stopped, this constitutes an emergency and requires expert help.

Tip #2: There is Damage to Your Floor/Ceiling/Wall

Water can cause irreversible – and expensive! – damage to your home. If the source of the leak is unknown, this constitutes an emergency and requires immediate attention from a plumbing professional.

The location of the damage will help your plumber to locate the issue. The problem can be a burst pipe, a roof leak, or even a full septic tank. Water damage to your floors, ceilings, and walls can appear in a number of ways. You may notice a dark spot on light-colored surfaces that continues to grow in size. Buckling and other deformities of your home's structures signal a growing problem that cannot wait to be fixed. If any of these signs appear over a matter of hours, it's vital that you call a plumber for immediate help before the problem gets even worse.

Tip #3: The Affected Plumbing is a Necessity

Determining whether a plumbing issue can wait involves a number of factors. One factor that should never be ignored, however, is the needs of yourself and your family.

An example of a necessity is clean drinking water. While adults may be able to go throughout the night and up until the scheduled plumbing appointment without drinking water, babies, small children, and the elderly may not be able to do so as easily. If you're having plumbing issues that result in contaminated water or other equally dangerous situations, call a plumber immediately.

While calling an emergency plumber may seem excessive, there are a number of situations that constitute such an action. The three tips above will help you to better understand which situations can wait and which should be handled immediately by a professional plumber. If you're ever in doubt, call an emergency plumbing service and request their advice. 

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