How To Decorate A Tomboy-Princess Room

Does your little girl love to climb trees, get dirty while making mud puddles and enjoy playing with the little boys in the neighborhood? Does the same little girl love playing dolls, dress-up, and putting on makeup with her little girl friends? Then you have the pleasure of parenting a tomboy and a princess at the same time! If you are decorating her bedroom with that fact in mind, here are some ideas that may inspire you to create something unique and fun.

The Furniture - Consider selecting pieces that lend themselves to both a feminine look and a masculine one.

  • A brass bed or a white metal bed would both be really good choices as they would go with fancy fabrics like puffy chenille or more masculine fabrics like denim or brown corduroy.
  • For the bedside tables, consider selecting nested tables. The beauty of this type of table is that your daughter could pull out the smaller tables to use for activities like tea parties with her girl friends and activities like baseball card trading with her guy friends.
  • Consider selecting a large dresser that will hold both articles of clothing and items like games, puzzles and photo albums. Think about using the top of the dresser to display some of her fashion dolls on one side and her sport memorabilia on the other side.

The Decor - Here's where the fun really happens, as you decorate for your little tomboy-princess daughter.

  • Think about selecting denim for her bedspread, as that would give the room a little boy flavor. To add the girly touches, think about throw pillows with a feminine flair. Lace, flowers, birds, or pretty animal prints would all be great for the throw pillows.
  • If you would rather have a more feminine bedspread, consider letting your little girl to choose one made of her favorite color. Then, just reverse things and add a bit of a tomboy look with denim throw pillows. Another idea for the throw pillows would be to select ones that depict horses, balls, or other sport objects.
  • When it comes to choosing the draperies for your little girl's room, a good choice would be to copy what you did with the bed treatment. If you selected a denim bedspread, denim would be great for the draperies. Tie backs made of bright colored ribbons or lace would give the feminine touch you want. If you selected a feminine bedspread, consider white eyelet of a cotton and polyester blend for the draperies. A great tomboy touch would be to tie them back with leather straps, rope, or even funky shoelaces. Any of these fabrics are affordable and easy to care for. Whether you selected denim or the eyelet, both wash well and will last for a very long time.

As you select other decor for your little girl's room, consider framing pictures of the things she loves best. Sports pictures, horse pictures, or animal pictures in one wall grouping and ballerinas, dolls, and other girlie things framed for another grouping would be good choices. 

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