4 Reasons You Should Choose Radiant Heating For Your New Home

You're building a new home and you're trying to choose a heating system. Before you choose forced air, you might want to take a look at radiant floor heating. It's not your typical heating unit. Take a look at four reasons why you should choose radiant heat for your new home.

The Sound of Silence

Have you ever heard a silent room when your forced air heater was on? Probably not. That's because forced air heating systems literally force air through the ductwork into your home. With radiant floor heating, there's no air to hear. You'll enjoy the sound of silence as your home is heated.

A Breath of Fresh Air

When you use a forced air heating system to heat your home, you're also heating dust, allergens and other contaminants – such as rodent droppings and dead insects – that are hiding in your air ducts. There are no vents with radiant floor heating, which means there's no dust or other pollutants floating through the air each time you heat your home. Your air is clean.

Another benefit of living a duct-free life is that there aren't any ducts to clean. You're probably used to cleaning those ducts at least once every six months. However, with a radiant heating system, you can take duct cleaning off your maintenance checklist.

Heat by Room

Is it a constant battle to get the house the right temperature? You might like it a little on the chilly side while your kids like it warmer. With radiant heating installed in your home, you'll have one less battle to deal with. Radiant heating allows each room to have its own programmable thermostat, so everyone will be comfortable in their own rooms.

Save Money on the Heating Bill

If you've been trying to find ways to save money on the heating bill, radiant heating may be the perfect choice for you. Studies show that radiant floor heating will allow you to save up to 15% on your monthly heating bill.  This money-saving effect is caused by a couple of things. First, because the heat comes from the floor, it doesn't come out of the vents and head straight for the ceiling. Second, because you can keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature, you're not wasting money with a constantly running heater.

Before you choose a heating system for your new home, take the time to research radiant heating. The items listed above will help you see how radiant heating will benefit you and your family. 

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