Septic Tank Cleaning For Homeowners Who Have Never Had One Before: Why It Is Necessary And How It's Done

If you have never had a septic tank on your property before, you may be wondering how to take care of it. Some property owners assume that tanks "clean" themselves every time cleaning solutions are flushed down the drain. Other people may assume that the ammonia found naturally in urine is the cleaner for septic tanks. In reality, you need to call a septic tank cleaning contractor. Below will explain why your regular septic tank cleaning is necessary and how the contractor will manage it.

Heavier Solids Settle and Stick

As nasty as it sounds, it is true that heavier feces will settle to the bottom and sides of your septic tank and stick like foul-smelling piles of clay. Over time, this builds up, blocking the tank's ability to send liquid waste into a drain field. It also disallows your contractor to drain the liquid waste from the tank via a suction hose and waste collection tanker. When there is no more room because of the thick, sticky mess inside your septic tank, the tank overflows and begins to leak and fail. This leads to waste, both liquid and semi-solid, pushing its way up through your yard to hover on your lawn. That is why you have to have the tank cleaned regularly.

How Your Contractor Manages the Tank Cleaning

Kudos to septic tank cleaning contractors, because they dive into your sewage, drain it, and use large metal scrub brushes to scrub the walls free and clear of your waste. Usually, your contractor will dress in a full HAZMAT suit to do this job and may even dive into the muck to address issues with your tank that cannot be seen or diagnosed otherwise. A separate air tank and breathing apparatus provides your contractor with a clean air supply and protects his or her lungs from the intense ammonia and other harsh biochemicals that could cause breathing issues.

If You Also Have a Cesspool on Your Property

If you also have a cesspool on your property, your contractor pumps or drains that out. Then your contractor (or a diver who works for your contractor) dives into the cesspool to scrub its walls and unclog the pipes that feed from your septic tank to the cesspool. Usually both the septic tank and cesspool are cleaned, emptied and cleared for use at the same time so that you do not have to have the contractor return to do one or the other at a later date.

For more information, talk with a septic tank cleaning company, or click here for more details. 

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