How Can You Tell If Your Commercial Roof Needs To Have The Snow Removed?

Commercial roofs are generally flat. Heavy loads of snow can do a lot of damage to flat roofs because the snow can't roll off the surface of a flat roof as it can on a sloped residential roof. This means that it's very important for you to recognize the signs that your commercial roof needs to have the snow removed. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding snow and how it can affect a flat commercial roof.

How can you tell if your commercial roof needs to have the snow removed?

In general, it's a good idea to remove snow from your flat roof if your area has just experienced an uncharacteristically heavy and wet snow. Wet snow is much heavier than dry snow, which puts extra pressure on your roof and support beams beneath the roof.

You'll also know if your commercial roof needs to have the snow removed if you start noticing the following warning signs:

  • Creaking and cracking noises coming from the roof.
  • Bowing in the beams that support the roof.
  • Doors and windows that start to stick shut, or that pop open and won't close.

What can happen if you don't remove the snow?

If your rooftop is burdened with too much snow, one of the first things that can happen is a roof leak can form. If snow continues to fall on your roof and you don't have the old snow removed, your roof or building could potentially collapse. While this is not a common problem, it can still happen. This is a particular threat if your flat roof has been structurally compromised, either due to fire, old leaks or pest problems. However, even structurally sound roofs can collapse under enough weight, so this is not a threat that should be ignored.

What should you do to remove the snow?

The best way to remove snow from your flat commercial roof is to contact a professional commercial roofing company. Ordering professional snow removal services will ensure that the snow on your business's rooftop is safely removed without posing danger to your employees, customers or clients. In addition, having a commercial roofing company remove your snow will give the professionals a chance to inspect the condition of your business's roof. Your roofing company can look for signs of leaks and structural instability.

For more information, contact a commercial roofing company like Bell Roof Co in your area. A professional roofer can answer your questions and schedule a time to for snow removal, if it's necessary.

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