Tips For Sewer Pump Maintenance

Any time that you need your waste utilities to work properly, it will pay to look after the sewage system The sewer pump is a critical component of this system, so you will need to learn the ins and outs of maintaining it. With this in mind, follow some of these points and use them so that you are able to care for your sewer pump, which will help your utilities to work at their best for years. 

Maintenance Tip - Troubleshoot Odors Within Your System

If you want your sewage system to remain at its best, you will need to be vigilant about assessing any odors that you might come across. In many situations, an abundance of odors is a telltale sign that something needs to be fixed with your system, or you may deal with serious problems later. You should first check your grinders and gaskets to see if they are the root cause, because faulty parts might create a backup in your sewage system. Further, you can treat and troubleshoot these problems by pouring water into your sewer pump little by little, in order to facilitate the flow of water throughout the system. 

Maintenance Tip - Check The Switch

Any time the pump is not working properly, you can also look into the switch, to make sure that the sewage is properly flowing. The first step you should take is to check your circuit breaker, because a tripped circuit breaker might be a sign that the power is not properly flowing to the switch. If you have checked the circuit breaker and have no issues with it, you may need to get the switch replaced. If you feel comfortable, this is a repair that you can do for yourself, as a replacement switch might cost approximately $20. However, to get it fixed professionally, it will cost you about $250. 

Maintenance Tip - Get A Maintenance Plan

Be sure that you get the help of a professional in order to make sure that your sewer pump lasts the long haul. You can buy a maintenance plan from licensed contractors who can inspect and fix your system on a periodic basis. From here, you will be taken care of and will avoid costly repairs that can be avoided if you handle it on the front end. 

Follow these three maintenance tips and use them so that you are able to take care of your sewer pump and your sewer system. Visit or a similar site for additional tips and information.

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