The Zen Of Xeriscape: Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Designing a beautiful yard is a highly subjective idea. As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, if you are a homeowner with a busy schedule, you can easily define beauty as a yard that does not require a lot of extra work but still enhances the aesthetics of your home. While xeriscaping was first thought of as a landscaping solution for areas with limited water available for irrigation, it can also work for those who want to create a beautiful but low-maintenance yard. 

What Is Xeriscaping?

In its simplest definition, xeriscaping is nothing more than landscaping that is designed with drought tolerance as a guiding principle. This does not, however, mean that you have to fill your yard with cactuses. Instead, landscape architects choose plants that are native to the climate around your home and, thus, are uniquely suited to thrive where plants that originate from other climates would need special attention. While many people think of landscaping in traditional terms such as rosebushes and marigolds, using plants native to your area can still create a beautiful yard even if it does use less traditional media to paint beauty on the canvas of your yard. 

What Are the Benefits of Xeriscaping?

Native plants have adapted to the weather patterns of the region they are found in. Thus, you should spend minimal time watering your plants. Similarly, they should be suited for the soil conditions found in your yard. Therefore, introducing extra fertilizer and plant nutrients to your growing beds should be a task that you seldom have to undertake. If you have limited time to yourself, creating a yard that needs a lot of attention places one more demand on your time. Xeriscaping may not be a maintenance-free option for choosing plants for your yard, but it will help to limit the time you spend picking weeds and dragging hoses. 

There are those who after a long-day running the rat race look forward to nothing more than laboring away the afternoon in their yard. There are also those who would rather spend more time enjoying the outdoor spaces around their home than they do maintaining them. If you belong to this second group of people, you do not need to feel like you are somehow deficient as compared to the other inhabitants of suburbia. Instead, you can embrace your desire to have a low-maintenance, highly enjoyable yard by talking to a landscape architect about xeriscaping. Contact a company like The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors for more information on xeriscaping or to get started with your xeriscape today!

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