3 Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

With proper use and regular maintenance, you can expect your garage door to last up to 30 years or more. The exact lifespan of your garage door depends on the brand you purchase, how often you use it, and how rapidly you make repairs when you notice something wrong. One way to help your garage door last is to make sure the springs are always in great repair. Responsible for the tension your garage door has when opening and closing, you'd be surprised how easily this unit can fail if your springs aren't up to par. Here are 3 signs you need garage door spring repair.

Your garage door won't fully open

When your garage door springs have broken or become stretched out, you may notice your door opening just a few inches then refusing to budge. Troubleshoot your garage door opener to make sure its batteries are fresh and nothing is in the way of the sensor, then attempt to manually open your garage door. If your opener is working as it should or you are unable to open your garage door manually, your springs may be to blame. Avoid forcing your garage door to open, as this can create an imbalance and put further strain on the springs. Always leave repairs to a garage door specialist.

Your garage door appears uneven

It's not your eyes playing tricks on you, your garage door may actually be crooked. This happens when a spring on one side either breaks or gets stretched out, causing an imbalance in the door when opening and closing. You may notice this issue only when the door is in motion, or if it's severe enough, when the door is all the way opened or closed as well. A garage door repair expert, like those at Dorsey Garage Doors or a similar location, can evaluate your door and replace springs that are causing this common problem.

Your garage door has loose cables or pulleys

A broken spring can put a lot of strain and pressure on your garage door and the rest of its operating system. This can lead to cables becoming frayed or broken or pulleys becoming loose. If you notice any loose or broken cables or pulleys, do not pull on them or attempt to put them back where they belong yourself. Your garage door can unexpectedly slam down and cause injury. Make note of the damage and relay the information to your garage door repair technician so they can diagnose the problem and see if your springs are to blame.

With proper maintenance, you can expect your garage door to last for many years. Watch for these signs of spring damage so you can fix problems as soon as possible.

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