3 Portable Toilet Options Ideal For Poor Weather Conditions

When on a work site, dealing with weather elements is just a typical part of the job. Being prepared for rain, high winds, or other random weather occurrences is important for ensuring that everything goes smoothly. One if the aspects to consider is a portable toilet. Portable toilets are essential on many construction sites, but they should be optimized for different types of weather. As you select a portable toilet for your construction site, there are four different options to choose from. Each option provides extra protection and security from poor weather conditions.

Trailer-Mounted Toilets

During heavy rains, the area around a portable toilet can easily turn into a big mess full of mud and puddles. The weakened state of the ground around the toilet can also make it a little unstable when you are trying to access the inside. Instead of creating this environment, you can choose a trailer-mounted toilet rental inside. These toilets are mounted on their own trailer, lifting the toilets off the ground and away from the mud. The trailers often have small stair sections that make it easy to climb up and access the toilet. When parked, the wheels can lock into position and supply a sturdy area for toilet use. Depending on the size of the construction project, you can order multiple toilets for a single trailer and have each one stay off the ground.

Compact Indoor Toilet

During rainy days, you may be forced to halt production. Work can still be done inside a construction trailer, but you would have to cross through wet weather to reach the portable toilets. Instead of getting soaked or forcing yourself into bad weather, you can supply a bathroom inside your construction trailer with a compact indoor toilet rental. This type of rental is basically a small toilet on wheels. It can fit in compact spaces and allows you to use the bathroom without being exposed to the harsh weather conditions. The toilet has wheels on it, allowing you to easily pull it out when needed and then store it in a closet or another area.

Solar Lighting

During dark and stormy days, it can be extremely dark inside of a portable toilet. These toilets usually rely on natural light to illuminate the inside area. Help add extra light during bad weather by purchasing one with solar light installations. During sunny days, lights can be charged using solar panels and the power of the sun. The battery power from these lights can be used when you enter the portable toilet. It allows you to easily see while going to the bathroom in dark conditions.

As you prepare for construction, contact a portable toilet rental company about your weather concerns. They can help you pick out different toilet options and ensure that you have the best ones for your construction site.

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