How To Restain Your Hardwood Floor With Clear Coat

The great thing about hardwood flooring is the fact that it continues to look great even as it ages. In fact, you will often find new products with antique finishes that tried to replicate the look of naturally aged hardwood. As your floor ages, it might look better, but it can get weakened and vulnerable to water damage. So, what do you do if you want to restore the finish on your hardwood floor without ruining the aged, antique look? This article explains how to do it.

Using a Clear Stain

The key to this technique is to use a clear stain. Even if your floor was originally dyed with tinted stains, you will want to use a clear stain for this process. This way, you will not damage any of the natural fading and coloring that has occurred over the years. Usually, if you wanted to apply a new stain to your floor, you would first want to sand off all of your existing stain and expose the wood underneath. However, you definitely don't want to do this if you're trying to maintain an antique look, but you will need to do bit of sanding.

Whether you use a floor sander or handheld vibrating sanders, put some extra fine grit sand paper on them. When you do sand, push down lightly and try to make the surface as evenly smooth as possible. The goal is to just make the wood smooth enough for the clear stain to stick consistently to it. If you sand down too much, your floor can lose some of the natural coloration that has occurred in between the seams and wood grains.

Applying the Clear Coat

The best way to apply a clear coat stain is to rub it on with lint-free rags. You can basically pour it directly onto your floor and then spread it around with the rags. Try to spread it evenly, but don't be too worried because the liquid will level itself out as it dries. You will definitely want to apply multiple coats for greater protection. However, you need to buff out this stain after it dries with steel wool. This is definitely more time consuming than actually applying the stain, but no less necessary. In fact, if you apply multiple stains without rubbing them down with steel wool, you could have issues with the clear coat peeling up afterwards.

This new clear coat will protect and preserve the antique finish of your floor. For more information, contact local professionals like Montgomery Flooring Systems.

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