5 Design Elements To Put In Your Kitchen Island

If you know that you want to put an island in your new kitchen, make sure that you think carefully about what you want to include inside of your kitchen island. Your kitchen island is not just a great big countertop, depending on how you construct it, it can serve numerous additional purposes.

#1 An Additional Sink

Even though you already have one sink in your kitchen, it can be great to have an additional sink in your kitchen. Your island is a great place to add another sink. If you don't want to add another full sink, a small vegetable sink will allow you a place to rinse off fruits and vegetables, as well as your hands, when preparing food.

#2 Built-In Cutting Board

Next, if you know that you plan on doing a lot of food preparation on your island, a built-in cutting board can be a great addition. You can have an area of your countertop designs as a raised cutting board. Or, you can have a few areas in your island where you can pull a cutting board out so that you don't have to use up counter space for chopping up food.

#3 Wine Fridge

If you really enjoy wine, a wine fridge can be a great option for your kitchen island. Kitchen islands have a lot of space under them that can be used for storage, so you have a lot of flexibility with what you put under your island. If you like to collect and enjoy wine, a small wine fridge will easily fit under your kitchen island and will provide you with a dedicated place to store your wine collection.

#4 Ice Maker

Too many people think that they have to have their ice-maker inside of their fridge. However, you can also purchase a stand-alone ice-maker and have it installed under your kitchen island. This is a great option if you and your family really enjoy icy drinks or if you really like to mix-up cocktails on a regular basis.

#5 Bar

If you are really into entertaining and making drinks, you can even have a mini-bar area installed in your kitchen island. This will provide you with a dedicated space to store all of your bottles and glasses that you use to entertain with, and will provide you with really easy access to these items when you are actually entertaining guests or just mixing yourself up a drink after a long day at work.

Your kitchen island really expands the features that you can enjoy in your kitchen; think carefully about how you want to use your kitchen and add extra-features that fit your lifestyle. For construction needs, talk to a professional like Stritar Construction.

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