3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Should Complete Once A Month

As a homeowner, you likely perform maintenance tasks around the house on a regular basis. But if you have not been including your garage door on your maintenance checklist, you could be going down a path where you will soon have to deal with a garage door repair headache. If you want your garage door to keep opening and closing properly for the long term, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Clean the Track

One key area that should be paid attention to when it comes to garage door maintenance is not the door itself but the track that it is moving along. Specifically, it's all too easy for leaves and other debris to find their way into the track. If you do not keep this area cleared, you could cause damage over time to the rollers or other moving parts if the door struggles to make it all the way down.

Keep It Lubricated

If your garage door is a bit squeaky, it probably needs more lubricant. Any decent silicone-based lubricant should get the job done. Failure to keep your door's moving parts lubricated could cause the door to break down over time. Make sure you clear the track of debris before putting fresh lubricant on or around the parts for the door. You don't want any debris sticking like a magnet to the new lubricant if it comes into contact.

Make Sure the Safety Stop Is Working

If you have small children or a pet at home, there's a test you should perform on your garage door about once a month. All modern garage doors have sensors built in that will automatically detect if something small is standing underneath the door as it begins moving down. The idea is, if Fido runs under the door just as it's about to close, the door will stop and reverse itself to avoid causing injury. To test this, you just need a piece of plywood about 3 feet tall. Place it at the spot where the door would close and then push the button. At the instant that the door contacts the wood, it should automatically reverse. If it doesn't, contact a garage door repair specialist immediately.

When performing maintenance around the house, don't forget about the garage door. Make sure all moving parts stay lubricated and the door track stays free of debris. It might also be a good idea to get an annual inspection from a contractor if you can afford it. For more information, reach out to a garage door specialist today or visit a website like http://www.planooverhead.com.

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