Eliminate A Scratch From A New Glass Pane's Exterior

If the sharp end of a tree branch brushed up against the exterior side of a new glass pane that was installed in a wooden frame window in your home and scratched its surface, eliminate visible damage by completing the steps below. Once you have finished, clean the glass to restore its shine and trim the branch so that it does not cause additional damage.


  • ladder
  • plastic sheeting
  • masking tape
  • cerium oxide
  • buffing cloth
  • sanding wheel
  • glass grinder
  • water
  • glass cleaning agent
  • lint-free cloths
  • pruning shears

Cover The Frame And Treat The Scratch

Set up a ladder next to the glass pane's exterior. Use strips of masking tape to cover the section of the frame that is below the scratch with a piece of plastic sheeting. The sheeting will collect any cerium oxide that spills as you are treating the scratch. Pour a small amount of cerium oxide onto a buffing cloth. Apply the side of the cloth that has cerium oxide on it directly against the scratch. Move the cloth firmly in small circles over the damaged area. Add more cerium oxide to the cloth if the scratch does not respond to the first treatment.

Use A Grinder To Treat A Deep Scratch

If the scratch is deep, you can sand the glass with a glass grinder. A sanding wheel will need to be secured to a grinder before it is plugged in. A few drops of water should be applied to the rough side of the sanding wheel. The water will help the wheel glide over the glass surface. Move the grinder back and forth over the damaged area until it is no longer visible. While sanding the glass, use light pressure so that the glass does not crack. 

Clean The Glass And Trim The Sharp Branch

Use a standard glass cleaning agent and a lint-free cloth to clean the glass pane's exterior. Dry the pane with another cloth. Remove the strips of masking tape that are secured to the plastic sheeting.

Use a pair of pruning shears to trim the end of the branch that previously scratched the pane. Inspect other trees and foliage that are growing near your home and clip branches that could cause potential damage in the near future. Get into the habit of regularly pruning trees and shrubs that are growing on your property in order to prevent glass from becoming scratched and to improve the appearance of your yard. 

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