Maintaining Your Automatic Gate

An automatic house gate can serve many purposes from aesthetic curb appeal to security. An automatic house gate can be customized to be exactly how you want, and with all the options gates can truly be a wonderful addition to the home. However, if the gate is not well maintained, then you can have major problems. Having a gate that wears out and needs to be manually opened can be an inconvenience. Here are a few different actions that you can take that will allow your gate to continue working properly for as long as possible.


Most of the time if an automatic gate breaks down it is due to large debris getting in the way of the moving gate. Whether your gate is a swinging or sliding gate, if large debris gets in the way the motor that runs the gate can burn up very quickly. If the motor burns up then your gate will simply not work properly. Before you use the gate each day inspect the path that the gate opens and closes on. If there is any debris whatsoever, then it could cause a lot of harm to the gate. Simply remove the debris before you open the gate. 


Each gate will be a little bit different but automatic gates will have a lot of moving parts. From chains, springs, gears, and more. It is important that you keep these moving parts free from dust and other debris. Be sure that you wash the moving parts once a month, but do not simply wash. It is important that once you have washed the gates and the moving parts that you lubricate the moving parts. This will reduce the friction and the metal on metal wear and tear that can occur.


Once every year you should have a licensed professional come and look at the gate. The checkup will be relatively inexpensive but can have many benefits for the longevity of your gate. The technician will inspect every aspect of your gate, especially the engine that provides the force for the moving gate. The simple adjustments that need to be made on a yearly basis will be much easier and cheaper to fix than a major break down of the gate. When the technician is inspecting your gate, it is a good idea to see where and what he or she is looking at so you can get an idea of how and what to inspect on a monthly basis.  Companies like Gibson Construction of Nevada Inc can help you.

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