How Do You Know If Your Business Needs Elevator Service?

Do you own or operate a commercial property that has an elevator? If so, it is imperative that you understand the importance of keeping the elevator(s) maintained. Some smaller properties may skip elevator service appointments. This is a bad idea and it can cause multiple problems. You may even be in violation of city codes, which can result in fines. Customers may also be more prone to getting injured or inconvenienced if there is a major malfunction. The following are things that may be a sign that elevator maintenance is needed. 

Unsmooth Operation

Elevators should operate in a smooth way. The ride up and down should not have strong jerky movements. If it jerks hard, it is a sign that maintenance is needed. It is important for you to take the matter as a top priority because it could put individuals at risk of losing their balance. This could result in a lawsuit being filed against your company if an injury occurs. 

Weird Noises

If you have an elevator on the property that is making noises, you should not permit it to be used until it is inspected. The noises could be a sign that there are broken components, which could make operating the elevator dangerous. Elevators should operate quietly. Common sounds that repairs are needed are squeaking, banging, or clanking. These noises can be disturbing and scary, which is why it is best to put a sign on the elevator indicating that it is out of service.

Frequent Maintenance

Perhaps you have found that you need to make frequent elevator service calls. This could be a sign that the main issue that is causing the malfunctions has not been identified. However, it can also be a sign that an elevator replacement may be needed in the near future.

Extended Wait Times

If you have noticed that your elevator does not operate as efficiently as it once did, there has to be an underlying reason for the lag time. Sometimes individuals may overcrowd an elevator resulting in slow operation. However, the lag time should not occur every time the unit is used. 

An elevator service company is a good resource to use to determine whether your elevator needs repairs. Depending on the age of your elevator, it may even be time to upgrade it. After inspecting your elevator, the professionals can make repairs if needed. They can also ensure that you are on the appropriate servicing schedule.

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