Maximizing Your Fleet Vehicle Usage

Maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles can pose a logistical challenge for small companies. Since the cost of fleet management can be significant, maximizing vehicle usage in order to help reduce excess spending is critical.

Finding ways to improve your fleet's vehicle usage rates can be beneficial in improving accessibility and reducing overhead spending that can eat into your company's profits over time.

Place trackers on vehicles.

Having the ability to see exactly where your fleet vehicles are traveling throughout the course of the day will help you eliminate superfluous driving that could be costing your company money. Tracking devices can easily be installed on each of the vehicles in your fleet. These devices record the movements of a vehicle and generate reports that can be reviewed at any time using a software program. Take the time to check the driving patterns of each vehicle to ensure your fleet is being used appropriately.

Improve scheduling practices.

One critical factor that can affect your fleet usage is the scheduling of each job or delivery your employees must complete. Improper scheduling can lead to unnecessary driving, so you should take the time to streamline your scheduling practices when trying to improve efficiency and fleet usage. Grouping jobs or deliveries by geographic area and time will help maximize the use of your commercial vehicles while providing excellent customer service.

Keep up with regular maintenance.

Since commercial vehicles see a lot of hours on the road, it's important that these vehicles are maintained properly. Accounting for proper vehicle maintenance is one of the most challenging aspects of any fleet management program.

You need to carefully track the miles driven and condition of each vehicle in your fleet so that you can schedule routine maintenance as needed. Investing in routine maintenance will help prevent serious mechanical failures that could compromise the availability of vehicles in your fleet. Ensuring that all commercial vehicles are available to your employees at all times is a simple and effective way to improve vehicle usage rates within your company.

Fleet management is a task that should not be taken lightly. Maximizing the usage of each vehicle in your fleet will help keep operational costs low and improve the performance of your company over time. Use electronic trackers to monitor usage, schedule jobs and deliveries more effectively, and keep up with regular maintenance to ensure you are using the vehicles in your fleet properly.

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