Expanding Your Kitchen With A Bump-Out: 7 Ways This Home Addition Can Work Wonders For You And Your Family

Especially if your home sits on a small plot of land, you may think you don't have the area needed to build an additional room onto your existing house. With a bump-out, though, nearly anything is possible. A bump-out is a simple room extension that can add tons of space without tons of complications.

1. It's More Economical

Because a bump-out doesn't need to attach to the foundation of your home, nor does it involve extending your roof, it could be the most cost-effective way to increase the space available in your kitchen. That'll save money for other things, such as all the wonderful items you can fill your soon-to-be larger kitchen with.

2. A Bump-Out Is Faster For Your Family

Since there's less work involved, the construction time is reduced, and that means less time with a crew cramming your kitchen. Usually, any type of construction means weeks of domestic upheaval; however, a contractor should be able to complete your bump-out in considerably less time.

3. You Can Build A Dining Table And Booth Into The Bump-Out

With the space created by a bump-out, you could forge a complete and roomy dining area, completely removing your current kitchen table setup from the room. Close your eyes, then imagine how much larger your kitchen would be if you took away the dining table and chairs. Isn't it an amazing thought? Especially if there's never enough space in your kitchen now for someone to cook and another person to pour beverages and set the table or simply walk through, the difference will be phenomenal.

4. You'll Have Enough Space For That Kitchen Island!

If you've always dreamed of having an island in your kitchen, where you can slice and dice food, add extra seating, or even install a full-sized appliance, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. The additional square footage created by the bump-out should leave you with enough space somewhere else in the room for a good-sized island, where you can do just about anything. Islands add a lot of style and convenience, not to mention resale value.

5. The Addition Could Be Comprised Entirely Of Cabinets

If your kitchen is sufficient in size, but lacking in storage space, why not create a walk-in pantry or build an extensive set of new cabinets? Speak with a contractor about how you can customize the new space to your needs, tastes, and decorative preferences. Rows of cabinets, just beckoning for your canned and baking goods, stash of specialty pastas, or an assortment of survival food that would make the most obsessed prepper jealous is likely a thought you can relish.

6. You Won't Have To Change Your HVAC, Plumbing, Or Electric

Although you'll have to run your idea(s) past a construction professional first, you may not need to change anything about your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems. Because a bump-out is a room enlargement that doesn't have to involve the foundation or roof and won't extend too far from existing equipment, you may not even need an electrical outlet installed.

7. A Bump-Out Is An Empty Canvas

Just about anything you can imagine doing with a larger kitchen can be accomplished with a bump-out in the kitchen you have now. The area is like an empty canvas, upon which you can create whatever you want. From a quaint breakfast nook to a formal dining area, this type of addition solves so many issues involving space. If space isn't an issue, what about lighting? How would your current kitchen look with a wall of windows, where you could hang beautiful flowers or arrange a number of container gardens to grow your family's vegetables organically? The bump-out could also contain built-in bookshelves and a desk, where you could manage your household or launch a new business.

While a kitchen bump-out offers many exciting benefits, you're still going to need the usual building permits and a contractor with a construction team. Your bump-out requires stability, which may come in the form of bracing or support beams, but will nonetheless demand professional planning and construction. Start dreaming about what you could do with a bump-out in your kitchen, then contact the builder at a company like Genuine Home Builders Inc for more information. 

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