Care And Maintenance Of Your New Luxury Home's Private Tennis Court

If you recently purchased a luxury home with a private tennis court but aren't sure exactly what is required to keep the court cared for and well maintained, then the following information will help you do so just like a professional.

Understand the Things that Can Damage the Hardcourt Surface 

Your hardcourt tennis court was made of a base substrate of gravel topped with a high-quality asphalt layer. Once the asphalt cured, the surface can be painted and the line tapes installed. 

As with all asphalt surfaces, tennis courts are prone to damage from any of the following issues:

  • improper drainage
  • ground movement
  • sinking from settling
  • cracking due to excessive heat or cold
  • improper construction
  • improper gravel substrate layer
  • improper asphalt mix

In addition, the surface of your tennis court is subject to damage by tree roots growing under it and from a loss of the surface paint.

Regularly Inspecting the Tennis Court Is a Must

Since the maintenance of your new tennis court is now your responsibility, it is advised that you regularly inspect the court's surface for any signs of damage. Look for:

  • cracking
  • paint loss
  • sunken areas
  • damaged line tapes

In addition, areas where water has collected, or drinks have been spilled on the court are ripe for the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and moss.

If you find any damaged areas or biological growth, then you need to take the proper action to rid the court of the problem.

Proper Cleaning of a Hardcourt Surface

Simple problems such as an excessively dirty tennis court or one that has biological growth are things you can remedy yourself. 

The best way to clean the court's surface is to sweep it off with a nylon bristle broom. Once everything is swept, then you can more clearly see if the surface appears damaged from dirt or if it really does have issues.

To remove the biological growth and excess surface dirt, powerwash the court's surface with a power washer on its lowest setting or brush the court using a water broom. Take special care in shaded areas and in the corners of the court where things like to grow.

If power washing doesn't remove all of the biological contaminants, then brush on a solution of chlorine bleach in water, and that will do the trick.

Have the Tennis Court Professionally Resurfaced When it Cracks or Shows Excessive Wear

Finally, if you start to see cracks in the court's surface or other defects, then it is time to have a professional tennis court resurfacing company come out and resurface the court.  

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