Creating A Kitchenette For Your Basement: Four Ideas To Consider

Having an entertainment area in your finished basement gives you a great place to host parties and gatherings. However, bringing food and beverages down from the kitchen can be a cumbersome task. Adding a small kitchenette to your basement provides a convenient place to store and even prep food for parties, family movie nights, and other events. Here are some ideas to consider to make your basement kitchenette a functional and stylish addition to your home.

Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets with a rich finish can give your kitchenette a fully finished appearance. You can use the same type of cabinets you have in your kitchen to bring your current decor theme to the basement, or you can opt for a unique look that makes your basement kitchenette stand out. Because you won't be adding a range to the area, you can add more cabinets for plenty of storage space. Consider upper cabinets with glass doors to display serving pieces, and add a pantry cabinet for additional food storage. Remember, with the right cabinets, your kitchenette can even double as a backup pantry for the main kitchen. Check out places like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc for more ideas. 

Warming Drawer And Microwave

While you might not be preparing all your meals in the kitchenette, you may want to have at least a couple of options for heating food. A microwave offers an all-purpose addition to the kitchenette, and it can be built-in for a more professional appearance. Of course, if you want to save money on installation costs, you can always opt for a countertop model instead. Talk to your contractor about installing a warming drawer to complete the kitchenette. A warming drawer can be used to heat plates before serving food at parties, and it can also be used to keep platters prepared in the main kitchen at the perfect temperature while you wait on guests to arrive.


Adding a sink and running water to the basement kitchenette makes it easier to wash dishes after parties. Instead of having to bring everything upstairs, you can simply rinse and wash in the basement. You may also want to install plumbing for a refrigerator with a water line or a built-in ice maker. An ice maker is perfect if you plan on hosting parties where cocktails are served. Talk to your contractor about how to run the plumbing to the kitchenette, as you may want to consider the placement of existing pipes when you plan your kitchenette install.

Breakfast Bar

Depending on your entertaining needs, you may want to consider adding a breakfast bar to the kitchenette. This area provides additional dining space during parties, and it can also serve as extra counter space for serving platters of appetizers and snacks. Be sure to have your contractor add wood cabinets to the interior of the breakfast bar for additional storage, and consider adding plush bar stools to complete this part of your kitchenette.

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