About Spray Foam Insulation And Its Many Uses

Spray foam insulation is a very convenient type of insulation product that has many uses. The versatility of this type of insulation makes it a good choice for those people that are in need of an insulation product for a wide range of purposes. Here are some of the different things that spray foam insulation can be used for around your home.

Quiet down loud plumbing – You may hear a lot of rattling coming from plumbing pipes that move around, especially if you live in an older home. You can quiet those pipes down by securing them in place with some spray foam insulation in the areas where they are banging against one another or against the structure.

Bond materials together – If you are working on a project in which you need to bond certain types of materials together, then spray foam insulation may be the answer. For example, you can use spray foam insulation to bond rocks and boulders together if you are creating something like a waterfall.

Keep pests outside – There are a lot of places where pests and rodents can get inside of the house from the home's exterior. Spray foam insulation provides you with an easy way to seal up areas around the house where pests can enter. For example, rodents can come into the house by way of gaps located under the eaves of the roof that lead into the attic. Also, you may find gaps in places where plumbing goes into the home, so you can spray the foam insulation in those gaps as well.

Insulate areas in the house – Of course, a great way to use spray foam insulation is to use it for its true intended purpose and that is to use it to insulate areas in your home. You can use the foam in tight areas where you would experience leaks, or where critters can come in. However, you can also use it to insulate larger areas as well. Spray foam insulation can also be used in the basement and this is a great way to not only insulate the space, but also to use a type of insulation that is going to decrease the chances of mold development.

Now that you see just some of the ways you can use spray foam insulation around your home, you will start to look at the material in a new light and try to come up with other ways that you can use it.  

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