Why Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

If you have trees in your home, then you already know how much work they are to take care of. If you aren't doing anything at all to take care of your trees in your yard, then you could end up with problems with those trees and needing them to be removed before you end up seeing them fall down on their own eventually. If you aren't sure if your trees need to be removed from your yard, read on for some helpful information on when it's time to have a tree removed.

It's Diseased

If your tree is diseased, the disease can quickly spread to other trees in your yard. If the other trees are diseased, you could end up needing to have all of your trees removed as well. This can be quite costly to have them removed and costly to have them replaced if you wanted to add more trees to your yard. If the tree is diseased, you may notice the bark beginning to strip off, dead limbs, or even some of the limbs beginning to break off. The leaves may begin to fall much quicker than they should as well.

It's Infested

If the tree is infested with bugs such as carpenter ants, termites, or emerald ash borer bugs, it could kill your trees eventually. If your tree is infested, it could kill not just that one tree; the bugs could infest the rest of the trees in your yard as well. If your trees have an infestation of bugs, they should be treated, and if necessary, they may need to be removed. Take a close look at your tree and look for any of these bugs. If you see a line of carpenter ants on the tree, you may also notice holes in the bark where they have eaten through it. If you have emerald ash borer bugs, the bark will have d-shaped holes in it, the leaves may be yellowing, and the canopy of the tree will be thinning.

It's Unsafe

If the tree is unsafe, such as if it's leaning over and could fall over, the tree should be removed to prevent potentially harming someone. If the tree is leaning too close to your home, it should also be removed for the same reason. Have a tree professional take a look at your leaning tree to see if there is anything that can be done about it to save the tree.

If you have trees in your yard, you should keep a close eye on them in order to keep them healthy. If they are diseased, infested, or unsafe, they should be removed in order to prevent injury and to prevent causing problems for the other trees in your yard. Call a professional tree service like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. to take a look at your trees if you aren't sure if your trees should be removed.

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