Things To Consider When Looking For Industrial Land To Lease

If you need to rent a building or property for your industrial business, it is important that you carefully look over the lease of a few different locations before making your decision. If you want to get the best location, at the best price there are some things you need to work out with the landlord. While looking over the leases, take the time to look for the following.

Physical Location

Even though you may not have much foot traffic for the business, you will still have suppliers and customers who need to be able to readily access your establishment. Consider how large trucks will get to your place to deliver your supplies. Is the location off the beaten track where it would be difficult for a tractor-trailer to maneuver through traffic and into a small parking lot on a narrow side street? Is there room for your delivery trucks to park for the night? Make sure the location has enough room for any trucks that will be coming and going for your business.

Build-Out Terms

Many commercial leases offer financial help to get the building or unit in the proper condition for your business. They may pay for walls to be built or removed, electrical lines, outlets, and breakers needed to operate your machines to be added, or new flooring to be installed. How much the owners are willing to contribute to get your business up and running should be taken into consideration when figuring the cost of the place.

Rent and Fees

Commercial lease rents are often figured by the foot for a year. In other words, if the listed rent is as $5/square foot, and the unit is 3,000 square feet, the rent for the year is $15,000. Divide this by 12 to get the monthly rental price of  $1,250. However, there are also common fees to be added to this. You may have to pay a portion of the maintenance bill for the whole building, landscaping, and electrical system. In addition, you will probably have to pay for any security guards hired for the whole place. Be sure to ask what these additional fees come to each month so you can figure them into your budget.

You will need to have a detailed plan for what your business needs as far as a building and land. Work with a real estate agent familiar with industrial land leases to ensure you find the place that will work best for you. Keep in mind, most commercial leases are longer than a year or two so you won't be able to move if you find out you need something different than the place you rent. You will be stuck with it for a while, so take the time to find the right one.

To learn more about industrial land for lease, contact commercial real estate agents in your area.

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