Top 3 Benefits Of Drone Surveying

Land surveys are very important—the information obtained from a land survey is used to create a legal description of the land that is included on the deed of title. Thus, a land survey needs to be done properly in order to ensure that valid information is provided. Technology has changed the way that land surveys can be performed, and over the last few years, drone surveying has become increasingly popular. Opting to use drone surveying instead of traditional land surveying methods comes with a number of advantages. Some of the top reasons to choose drone surveying include:

Better Accuracy

One of the biggest benefits of drone surveying is the fact that it provides much more accurate results. When drone surveying is done, ground control points are set up first. Then, the drone is employed into the air and photographs are taken. Today's drones are equipped with high resolution cameras, so they are able to capture incredibly clear pictures from the air. After the photographs from the air are captured, they can be used to obtain all of the information that is needed to complete the land survey so a legal description of the land can be filed and a deed of title can be made.

Complete Land Surveys Faster

Traditional land surveying methods can be tedious and time consuming. Incorporating drone surveying is an easy and effective way to save a lot of time and complete land surveys in a more timely manner. Using a drone to capture aerial images of land allows the necessary data to be collected very quickly. While traditional land surveying methods can take days or weeks, depending on the size of the area being surveyed and the topography, drone surveying can cut that time by a substantial amount.


Land surveying is often not an easy or simple process. In some cases, completing a land survey with traditional methods can be risky or even dangerous. Opting for drone surveying makes the process much easier for everyone involved. For example, if the area of land being surveyed is rocky, has ravines, or is on a slope, it can be very difficult for a person to complete a land survey, and there is an increased risk of injury. A drone is able to collect all of the information needed to complete a land survey of an area with difficult terrain without putting any people in danger. 

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