Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important For Your Equipment And Your Peace Of Mind

It's a good idea to have an HVAC technician check your AC before the weather gets so warm you need to start using it every day. The outdoor part of your AC is subject to rough conditions all winter, and the indoor part is used by the furnace to blow air, so both parts need to be serviced and cleaned for another season of cooling. Air conditioning maintenance should be done by a professional to maintain your warranty. Here are some important things they do.

Check The Refrigerant

If the refrigerant is low, your AC won't perform optimally, and it may not be able to cool your house at all. The maintenance technician tests the pressure in the refrigerant lines to make sure the reading is within normal limits. If the reading is low, that means there's a leak that has to be repaired.

Clean The Coils

Even if the refrigerant is at the right level, your AC may not cool very well if the evaporator or condenser coils are coated with dirt and dust. The technician can clean the coils with foaming coil cleaner if needed so the refrigerant can do a good job of keeping your house cool.

Service The Blower And Motor

Since the blower has been working all winter to blow warm air through the house, the maintenance technician checks it for dust buildup and signs of wear. The blower might need to be cleaned. The technician may also check the capacitor and motor with a multimeter to make sure they are operating properly. Electronic parts and the motor are serviced, replaced, or repaired if needed.

Test The Equipment

The technician checks the thermostat to make sure it can operate the AC. If you encountered any problems with the operation of your furnace over the winter, be sure to let the technician know. Since the thermostat and air handler also work with the AC, the technician might need to make some repairs so your air conditioner is ready for a long summer of keeping you cool.

The technician may run the equipment through a few cooling cycles just to make sure the condenser, thermostat, and air handler are working like they should.

Clean Out The Condensation Drain

Another important step in air conditioning maintenance is to clean out the condensation drain so you don't have to worry about water backing up in the equipment and causing your AC to shut down. The technician may clean the drain line and test the switch in the drain pan to ensure condensation drains properly and won't spill on the floor.

An annual air conditioning maintenance call shouldn't take too long unless the technician finds problems that need to be repaired. Annual maintenance protects your equipment from damage, and it also gives you peace of mind that nothing is wrong with your AC that could cause a breakdown in the weeks to come.

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